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Free bores for all farmers: AP CM Jagan

Thadepalli: AP Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy has taken another step forward for the farmers and initiated the ‘YSR Jalakala’ program as promised to the farmers. He said the target was to lay 2 lakh boreholes in the state. The scheme will be implemented in 144 rural constituencies and 19 semi-urban areas. He said drilling machines were being set up at the rate of one per constituency.

He explained that meters would be installed to provide quality electricity to farmers in the next 30 years. We tighten motors along with bores for small, thin farmers. Officials estimate that this will cost an additional Rs 1,600 crore. We have set up bore rigs in every constituency, ”Jagan said. Farmers can apply online or at the village secretariats with the help of volunteers.

He said the cost of drilling would be borne by the government. On the other hand, the road tax for agricultural tractors has been abolished and seeds are being supplied through farmer assurance centers within 48 hours, he said. “We are going to build warehouses at RBK. Through them we buy crops at market prices. We are setting up this market platform for farmers. We are going to set up Janata Bazaars in every village. We will set up Janata Bazaars in every village to sell the purchased crop, ”he said.

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