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Ready to give the dragon a counter!

New Delhi: India is gearing up to face any catastrophic situation posed by the Chinese Army in the wake of the tense situation along the Line of Control. It has already moved tanks and other equipment so heavily that it has never been able to retaliate against a dragon that repeatedly commits acts of provocation. Similarly, it seems that China is preparing to check with missiles like BrahMos, Nirbhaya and Akash in the wake of the news that China is deploying large scale missiles in the Xinjiang and Tibet areas. It is reported that China is preparing to bring this supersonic fear into the field if it crosses the border.

The decision comes at a time when China is acting aggressively in the disputed Axis Chin, along with the LAC, as well as in Kashgar, Hotan, Lhasa and Niangichil. The BrahMos, which can be launched from Gallo to Gallo and from Gallo to the surface, is preparing to repel rival Army tactics with a fearless cruise missile capable of penetrating targets at a range of 500 km and 800 km. Conflict in eastern Ladakh, during the deployment of PLA warships in the Indian Ocean.

In the same way, it seems that plans are afoot to reach targets at intervals of about 1000 km (including flying from 100 meters to 4 km, and fixing the target effectively) with inter-missiles in supersonic missiles such as Nirbhaya. It is also reported to be ready to launch an air-to-air missile equipped with a 3-D Rajendra radar capable of tracking 64 targets simultaneously and striking at twelve at a time. It has the capability to fire warplanes, cruise missiles and even ballistic missiles.

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