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Retaining wall construction as soon as possible: Devineni Avinash

Vijayawada : Avinash, vice-chancellor in charge of the eastern constituency, Shri Devineni, advised the residents of Karakatta to be vigilant and hide their heads in the shelters set up by the government as heavy rains in the upper states could cause heavy flood waters in the Krishna River. On Monday, Avinash visited the flood-hit areas of Divisions 16,17,18,20,21 in the constituency to inspect the situation there. People should not worry about who the government is as they have taken all measures for your safety and all the infrastructure in the accommodation centers has been provided so stay there till the flood subsides. Have done. Similarly,

The government visited the accommodation center set up at the Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium and asked the victims about the facilities provided to them. On this occasion, he said that our government and leaders will be there for the flood victims and if you have any problems, bring them to our attention and immediately talk to the authorities and work to resolve them. He said construction would be completed as soon as possible and a permanent solution to the flooding would be found. Past governments have been criticized for embezzling Palpadz funds for corruption in the name of retaining wall, and by the then ruling party leaders for undermining the poor structure and manipulating the people to vote, but it has done no good to the people. He said that this government will work in good faith to protect the flood area and is committed to your welfare.

The people were asked to take proper precautions against the spread of corona and other infections. The event was attended by corporator candidates, division presidents and local leaders of the respective divisions.

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